Hello friends,

It’s been near two years since the release of our last album “Rise Of The Dragonrider” and we are more than grateful for the reaction of the metal community. Thank you all!
At the moment there aren’t any more physical cds available but you can purchase the digital edition of the album through our site, cdbaby or any other known digital store.
We are in the process of a new release deal to have it “running” again worldwide.

Now it is time to release some important news. A new and stronger than ever line-up, and a new album (60% ready ) that will probably be released at the end of 2014!

Here is the new line-up:
Kostas Delfos: keyboards and additional orchestrations, (also participated in “Time to March” single). A good friend and true supporter through the years.

Kostas Chatzigeorgiou: vocals. As many may know him, he is the vocalist of the great and respected Greek metal band Wolfcry. It is a true honor to have him in the band.

Kostas Milonas: drums. One of the best drummers in heavy metal. After we met each other at the recordings of the last album at Warcry studios, he decided to join the band as a full member.

Vasilis Liakos: bass. Vasilis is well known for his participation in the high acclaimed Greek prog-metal bands Innosense and Black Fate. He is also the co-producer along with Michalis Adamopoulos of our albums.

And of course me: guitars, orchestrations and main composer of the band.

I would like to thank all the members of the band for their trust and energy they put to this new album!

We have some really great first results so far in the studio. Stay tuned, more news will follow.

Epic regards
Marios Christakis


The new Braveride album "Rise Of The Dragonrider" has been released!

After many months of waiting and searching for the best way to release it we are happy to SCREAM with all our strength the release of our new album!

"Rise Of The Dragonrider" is an epic album with respect to epic metal history, with a modern production and full of orchestral arrangements.

You can take a trip inside of epic-fantasy worlds of sword and sorcery and find the details behind the songs.

You can purchase the album directly from our site here in digital format or you can send an e-mail to to order your cd.

Come and share with us your opinion and words about the album at our guestbook.

The journey continues…


Finally the new BRAVERIDE album “Rise Of The Dragonrider” is ready!

After many months of work on this album and many problems we have achieved what we want. An epic metal album that can travel you through epic battles and tales!

We thank anyone who had helped us through this process and we wish them the best.

In the next months we shall try to find the best way for the release of the album.

You can hear one of the new songs in the download section. “A Place Of Shadows” (castle of the lost)!

(At the same time the first steps for the next album have been made…Eight songs are ready for pre-production before we enter the studio again in the next year.)

Best and epic regards,
Marios Christakis



After three months of no update we are able to put some news up.

The mixing process will be ready at the end of May. The mastering process will start after that and then we shall make the first contacts with the record labels.

I can say that we have achieved a really good sound that it has uniqueness and helps the songs to “breathe” more easily. You can hear a sample of some of the songs in the download section and as I promised, you can also hear the great performance of Gaby Koss in them.

Keep the flame alive and take care until the next update.

Best and epic regards,
Marios Christakis



We had some problems at the studio and for that reason mixing progress stopped but after a month we started the mix. You can hear a sample of the final mix of a song to take an idea from what we do at "Downloads" section at the site.

I just can ask you to be patient and keep your support alive. Maybe at the first weeks of February we will have a new video from the studio and as I promised a sample of Gaby Koss voice inside a song.

Take care and stay tuned.

With strong epic and heavy regards
Marios Christakis


Some great news!

This last month we finished the recordings for the album and the recordings of the guest soprano too.

Gaby Koss (ex-Haggard) has recorded her parts for the album and she had the freedom to make her arrangements for her parts and the result is really great. Her voice fits well with the epic style of the songs and the final atmosphere is fantastic and beautiful.

You can hear some samples from her performance soon here.

Gaby has recorded her parts at Hellion studios in Germany and she appears in many parts of the new album.

We hope to have her voice again in every future album!

Gaby Koss

Marios Christakis

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